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If your space needs a facelift, you have come to the right place. VIPSON INTERIOR DESIGN is made up of a talented group of professionals who are fully committed to providing each client with the space they truly need. Whether it's designing a new office or a bathroom, we listen to each client in order to fully understand what they need, whether it is comfort, functionality, or a combination of both.

We are dedicated to helping our clients fall in love with their space. We explore every corner for creative possibilities in order to come up with the best use of existing dimensions. During the process, we work closely with each client every step of the way to make sure that our creations match their tastes. Give us a call to set up your first appointment.

Vipin Gulati

Owner/Principal Interior Designer


For owner and principal designer, Vipin Gulati, it's not just about creating beautiful spaces. It's about people. Passionate about building relationships, every client of VIPSON Interior Design is a Very Important Person and the heart of each job. Vipin recognizes that when you are comfortable in your surroundings, it makes a difference in your day-to-day life. He takes pride and careful consideration when making selections for his clients, calculating the longevity of the investment and the influence of future plans. You'll have the comfort of knowing that a skilled professional has given you a strategy to achieve your design objectives, and will be there for you when you are ready to start your next project.

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