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How To Become An Interior Designer

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Best way to become an interior designer.

First let me introduce myself,

Hello! My self Vipin Gulati, I am a Professional Interior Designer with 10+ years experience. I have done my interior design in 2010. Graduate in 2009.

Special : Learning Attitude (Software Experts), I love to Travel & Dance.

In my work journey, I have designed many projects related below mentioned categories.

Always ready to learn more...!


I really loved to work with clients who actually want to design their space for the best not to compromise.

alright, I know its enough.......Lets begin now.

Before you start the journey, please answer yourself.

Why do you want to become an interior designer?

Kitchen Stuffs

  1. You are so Creative.

  2. Your family member are doing the same thing.

  3. Just for show-off.

  4. Want to make huge amount of income.

  5. Only design for yourself

  6. Want to do a Job and expected Salary.

  7. Love to design your space.

you can think more...

What do you need to become a interior designer?

Interior designer need to be Creative and technical Strong.

  • Diploma in Interior Design

  • Degree in Interior Design

  • No Diploma / Degree (Sometime company doesn't care about documents, If you are a creative person and ready to learn)

  • Software Knowledge

    • AutoCad (Must)

    • Adobe Photoshop (Advantage)

    • Sketchup + Vray (Advantage)

    • 3D Max (Advantage)

and many creative software available.

If you want complete knowledge of interior designing and materials while sitting home just follow the DESIGN by OWN series. You will get videos of all interior topics.

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